Monday, November 10, 2014

2014 WIPocalypse - November post

wip_button3Hi, and welcome to my blog about stitching and cats.  I started this as an experiment to see if I would be able to keep up with it and chronicle my stitching adventures.  So far it's regularly fallen low on the list of priorities of things to get done, but I keep plugging away at it from time to time in hopes I get better at it.  Maybe if I join some blog SALs I might be more motivated to keep up with it!

My WIP on the October full moon was QS Butterfly Fae from Heaven and Earth Designs, being stitched on 32 ct Crystal Monet linen from PTP.  I opted to omit the background, stitch the background butterflies in tent stitch and the fae's wings with 1 strand of floss and 1 strand of blending filament.  So far it's been interesting.


And for the November full moon, I'm here:


Over the weekend I was Jedi Mind Tricked in to starting my Chatelaine.  Konstantinople Hamam, stitched on 28 ct Mystic by PTP.  This one is a monster project on my 36" Millennium bars and won't be traveling to work with me.  My plan for it is to stitch it in the evenings after work, weekends and the weeks when I get to work from home.


Sorry about the craptastic photo.  I had it illuminated by my new OTT light - the one with the LED's encircling a 3x magnifier. It really shows the colors perfectly, but it overexposes the picture taken by my iPhone.  

So, topic for the month:  What are your favorite and least favorite materials to use in your stitching?
For fabric, I would have to say linen is my favorite to stitch on.  Lugana isn't bad.  I really don't like Jobelan, though.  I stitched on it once and won't do it again.  It's too slippery and mooshy for my taste.  I haven't encountered any fibers that I don't like to stitch with.  That being said, thus far I have only stitched with DMC floss and pearls, Dinky Dyes flosses and Gloriana flosses.  I really don't like DMC metallics, but Kreinik #4 and Petite Treasure braid are lovely to work with.

I think that's about it.  Stitch on and thanks for visiting!

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